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We’re still in love with the @opi_products Coca Cola collection! This is ‘You’re So Vain-illa’ and ‘My Signature is DC’ matte’d with @nicolebyopi Matte Top Coat! We used @yvessaintlaurentbeauty Noir Primitif for the lettering. 💕 (at tag a friend you love! 💕)
bow down @beyonce  (at on the run)
😍💞😜👅… Some #emoji nails that never made it to the blog! Happy Sunday! #knailart
Summer love ft. @starbuckscanada 🍹 (at frappacino or iced tea?)
Matte Florals on an @opi_products Angel with a Leadfoot (from the Ford Mustang collection) - florals inspired by @charsnails  (at florals: 👍 or 👎?)
@essiecanada Urban Jungle and @orlynails for Quo Infused and Summer Fling. 💅💕💜
Our #HavanaNights @biosculpturecanada nails with a glittery feather accent! See the full review on! #knailart #biosculpturegel
Some gradient cheetah nails for our cousin @sammy_hoffman! We’re celebrating Father’s Day with a brunch at Cora’s - how about you? 😊👍
Another oldie! @enchantedpolish Horizontal Running matte’d with an @aengland_official Excalibur Renaissance and @butterlondon Union Jack Black!
Some unposted Minions (with a banana thumb!) BA NA NA! 🍌
😍💅 #biosculpture
Stay tuned! We’re going longer with Bio Sculpture Gel! 💅
Ready for Summer with all our favorite neons! ☀️🌈 (at tag a friend who loves neon! 💕)